Thursday, June 4, 2009

Search and Rescue 10th Anniversary

Search and Rescue…
A Decade in the Neighborhood…
Join host Roger Dodger on this Friday’s Search and Rescue for a special show that looks back over 10 years of Roger Dodger’s search to find all those great late 60’s and early 70’s tunes that need to be rescued from obscurity and brought back to the airwaves. Friday’s show will feature snippets from those first few formative years along with special guests who will be stopping by to help Roger Dodger reminisce about the tunes and times that were and that continue to be magic, thanks to KXCI. So set yer alarm, fire up yer radio (or computer) and join Roger Dodger and friends Friday from 3 until 5 am

for the
Tenth Anniversary Search and Rescue Show


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