Saturday, August 1, 2009

Starr Tracks Celebrates Tucson's Birthday Monday August 10, 6-8pm

Linda Ray of Tucson's Birthday Planners spins a crazy quilt of birthday songs and talks about Tucson's Birthday events on Starr Tracks, Monday August 10 from 6-8PM. You, too, can be a star! We'll be challenging the audience with Tucson trivia questions. Submit your best here and see if we can stump the audience with a question that has your name on it. You can celebrate four millennia of Tucson's history and community throughout the entire month of August. Tucson will launch Tucson's Birthday, a month of celebration, education and exploration honoring Tucson’s history, cultural diversity and natural wonders. Most events are free or low cost, and all are family-friendly. Complete information is available at

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