Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Hub 6th Anniversary Show

The Hub will celebrate its 6th anniversary this Monday (10pm-Midnight) with an extra-special show. A message from The Hub host Bob Girth: Although I usually play current releases and mostly new tracks on The Hub, this Monday I will feature music from 40 years ago. A celebration of California bands heard on Underground FM radio from the late 60s through about 1972. I'll feature artists from L.A. and S.F. only in a mano-a-mano showdown. A "no-holds-barred" deep track cage fight pitting The Strip vs The Haight. It's No Cal vs So Cal in a set-by-set musical knockdown dragout hippiefest. Moby Grape v Love, Buffalo Springfield v The Charlatans, The Doors v Jefferson Airplane, Spirit v Mother Earth. Dab a little patchouli oil behind your ears, light up that strobe candle and let's hippie dance like it's 1970. Love and Peace, Bob Girth The Hub


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