Friday, February 19, 2010

91.3 KXCI Community Radio to Broadcast 13th Annual Homelessness Marathon

6:00PM Tuesday, February 23 to 7:00AM Wednesday, February 24 91.3 KXCI Tucson Community Radio 91.3 KXCI will broadcast the 13th Annual Homelessness Marathon live from Tuesday February 23 at 6:00PM through 7:00AM Wednesday, February 24. The Homelessness Marathon is an annual 14-hour radio broadcast featuring the voices and stories of homeless people from around the United States. The Homelessness Marathon features live call-ins all night long via a national toll-free number. This year, the nationally syndicated broadcast originates from Detroit where the economy is in shambles. KXCI will supplement this programming with interviews during The Homestretch at 4:00pm on Monday February 22 and Tuesday February 23 with Southern Arizonans who are working on the issue of homelessness. There will be two call-in numbers for the broadcast. ANYONE may call 877-NOBODY-8 (877-662-6398) People who are homeless, formerly homeless or afraid they're about to be homeless may also call 866-LEFT-OUT (866-533-8688) Additional information available about the national broadcast is available at:


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