Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Darden Smith & Asylum Street Spankers - live in Studio 2A - Wednesday

We have two great live performances in Studio 2A this Wednesday, Feb. 17th, on The Home Stretch. Darden Smith comes in with his acoustic guitar and unique take on Americana and folk music at 3:30pm. He'll be performing a 7pm KXCI Presents! show at Club Congress on Sunday Feb. 21st. Then the Asylum Street Spankers will be back in the KXCI studios for a live set at 5:30pm. The Spankers are swinging through town on their Salvation and Sin tour behind their new "agnostic gospel" album, God's Favorite Band. Expect them to deliver two sets Wednesday night at Plush, one of rousing gospel and another exploring wilder side of vices.


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