Thursday, April 22, 2010

KXCI Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day!

Thanks for listening to KXCI on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. We are pleased to bring you the following segments today along with some really fun and inspiring earthy music. We know it's important for everyone to do whatever they can every day, but we really wanted to highlight some special efforts in Tucson. 8:00 Track 1- Jessica Lamberton- Sky Island Alliance 8:30 Track 2- Matthew Bertrand- Watershed Management Group 9:00 Track 3- Claire Zucker-Pima Association of Government (PAG) Watershed Program 9:30 Track 4- Suzanne Nelson-Native Seed Search 10:00 Track 5- Cub Scout Pack 124 10:30 Track 6- Lee Comrie- PAG- Air Quality 11:00 Track 7- Tia Nelson, Daughter of Earth Day Founder Gaylord Nelson 11:30 Track 8- Claire Zucker- PAG- Things You Can Do 13:00 Track 9- Stephanie, Benjamin- People on the Street 13:30 Track 10- Philippe Waterinckx- Tucson CSA 14:00 Track 11- Suzanna Eden and Melissa Lamberton Water Resource Research Center 14:30 Track 12- Claire Zucker- PAG- A Pledge to Conserve 15:00 Track 13- Jessica Lamberton- Sky Island Alliance 15:30 Track 14- Tony Vaccaro- Brooklyn Pizza; Sky Bar 16:00 Track 15- Matthew Bertrand- Watershed Management Group 16:30 Track 16- R. Carlos Nakai; Will Clipman- excerpt from Locals Only 4-19-2010. You can listen to the full length podcast here. We're especially delighted to celebrate the recent installation of solar panels from Technicians for Sustainiblity. Stop on by between 5-7pm today for a tour of the station and snacks from Brooklyn Pizza and Sunflower Farmers Market. You can make a rare journey to the 3rd floor and stick your head out the roof to get a bird's eye view of our solar panels.

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