Friday, May 28, 2010

The Home Stretch update

On May 14th, we said goodbye to Cathy Rivers, who had served our audience as host of The Home Stretch for the last 21 months. Regrettfully, she and her husband are leaving our community to pursue career opportunities in another state. They'll both be missed by their many friends and KXCI family in Tucson. A replacement for Cathy (both on-air and off-air) has been hired and he'll be joining the KXCI team in June. We plan to have this new staff member, Jason Repko, initially focus on off-air responsibilities while brushing up on his on-air skills. He will be taking over as host of the The Home Stretch in July. Over the last couple of weeks, and over the next couple of weeks, different KXCI deejays have been and will be pinch-hitting in the afternoon as guest hosts of The Home Stretch. We hope you'll tune in for great music and great guests while Amanda, Cecily, DJ MT, Duncan, Jeff, Randy, Susie, and others are tending to the hosting duties.


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