Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured on KXCI:

New music from Robert Plant, The Eels and Pacifika. Also, a sound survey of Tucson local bands performing at KXCI's Celebrate 1970, August 28th at the Rialto Theater. Locals Only features Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl and more...

Your Morning Brew w/Jim Blackwood

Global Express | 7:20am
Pacifika | Supermagique
Pacifika is Peruvian-born Silvana Kane who weaves electronica and flamenco together with percussive poppy beats


YMB Album of the Week | 8:20am
The Eels | Tomorrow Morning
Mark Oliver Everett's experimentation with electro dream pop

The Home Stretch w/Jason Repko

National Spotlight | 5:00pm
Robert Plant | Band of Joy
Back to rock and roll for the former Zeppelin and co-produced by pal Buddy Miller

Local Spotlight |  3:30pm
The Tangelos, Leila Lopez, Namoli Brennet, Chris Holiman, Cheapness
A sampling of the local bands covering albums from 1970 and playing on Saturday, August 28th @ the Rialto at KXCI's "Celebrate 1970"

Interview's and performances

Locals Only
Mon, August 23th | Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl
Their newest album has been featured on The Home Stretch and here, they visit with Dr. Dan in Studio 2A during Locals Only


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