Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celebrate the season Live: The KXCI 9th Annual Sonic Solstice

Live local musicians celebrate the sounds of the seasons Monday, December 20th beginning at 5pm.

5:00 Michael Ronstadt
5:20 Ashbury
5:40 John De Roo
6:00 Michael P. Nordberg and Christina Williams
6:20 Salvador Duran
6:40 Silverbell
7:00 The Technophobes (Scotty Kerr and others)
7:20 Ferrodyne
7:40 Leila Lopez
8:00 Logan Green and The Bricks
8:20 Brittany and Gabe

Plus special recordings from Lisa Otey and Diane Van Deurzen, Howe Gelb and Ricky Gelb plus more!


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