Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Featured This Week on KXCI:

(L-R) The Green, David Lowery, The Decemberists, Ferrodyne

This week, reggae from Hawaii with The Green. Former Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker front man David Lowery goes solo. We'll also hear from him and his visit at KXCI back in September of 2010. The Decemberists get busy in January with their latest album. After a name change (Thru-Liner was dropped), Tucson's Ferrodyne is gearing up to put out their first album.

Your Morning Brew w/ Jim Blackwood

Global Express | 7:20am
The Green| The Green

Featured Album of the Week | 8:20am
David Lowery | The Palace Guards

The Home Stretch w/ Jason Repko

3:30 Local Music News
Ferrodyne | St. John's Day

Featured Album of the Week | 5pm
The Decemberists | The King Is Dead

Wednesday Retread | 4pm
Airing performance and interview with David Lowery and Johnny Hickman at KXCI on 9.14.10


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