Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Week on KXCI

(L-R) Say Hi to Your Mom, The Strokes,  Sufis At The Cinema, Roger Clyne

This week at KXCI, you'll hear the latest from Say Hi To Your Mom and the Strokes. Take flight with Sufis At The Cinema as the Global Express explores 50 years of Qawwali and Sufi music. We also hear from Sonoita's Roger Clyne and his latest.

Cesar Chavez 3/31/'27 - 4/23/'93
Join KXCI this Wednesday as we observe the life and legacy of Arizona born labor leader Cesar Chavez. KXCI is already home to great Latino music every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to midnight.   For Cesar Chavez Day, Sabor Del Barrio hosts Pepe Galvez and Dj Javier join The Home Stretch. From 8:00 a.m. to midnight, KXCI features brief interviews with local educators, community leaders and others whose lives were touched by Cesar Chavez. That's this Wednesday, on your Community Radio, KXCI, Tucson.

Sunday, April 13th at3:30pm on a View From Slightly Off Center, The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Friday heard how the vulnerabilities of LGBT Haitians have largely been ignored in relief and recovery efforts following the January 2010 earthquake, being excluded from food relief programs, subjected to in creased violence even inside displaced persons camps, and in fact blamed by other Haitians for the quake itself. Host David Yerkey is joined by Michael Hefflin, Project Director of LGBT Rights Initiative, Open Society Foundations for an informative and lively discussion.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Week on KXCI:

(L-R) Sean Rowe, Naim Amor, Rebecka Pronsky, Rahe, Nina Simone

Songwriter and Albany, NY native Sean Rowe delivers his debut album. Local Naim Amor releases his latest Parisian-tinted effort. Get ready for new-to-the-scene Rebecka Pronsky. University of Arizona graduate, self-taught guitarist and multi-linguistic Rahe debuts her album and on CD Documentary, Nina Simone's Sings the Blues.

Tuesday, March 22nd, two live performances on The Home Stretch. At 3:30pm, from Newfoundland, folk-rockers Great Big Sea. At 5:30pm, Fish Karma and we'll be talking about Tucson's first Fringe Festival.

Wednesday, March 23rd, Al Perry performs live and has a unreleased recording he'll play for us at 5:30pm on The Home Stretch.

Thursday, March 24th, Daniela Diamente talks Cyclovia2 (Sunday, March 27th) on The Home Stretch. Curtis McCrary and Charley Levy talk Festival en el Barrio Viejo at 5pm. Kiss and the Tells stop by about 5:45pm for a chat and to spin a tune or two.

Friday, March, 25th, Joey Burns of Calexico pays a visit to Your Morning Brew at 8:45am. The Home Stretch finds Gabriel Sullivan sitting in at 3:30pm with some new Taraf de Tucson recordings and we're happy to have Robyn Hitchcock on at 5:30pm for a tall tale or two as well as a live performance!

Saturday, March 26th, Ruby's Roadhouse winds up and delivers her annual Baseball Show. "Play Ball" with Ruby starting at noon!

Sunday, March 27th at 3:30pm on A View From Slightly Off Center, Japan's Nuclear Crisis - A Global Problem. Guest Harvey Wasserman is a world renowned expert on utility deregulation, atomic power and the renewable alternatives. Since 1973, when Wasserman coined the phrase "no nukes," he has helped lead the charge against nuclear power for such groups as Greenpeace and Musicians United for Safe Energy. Wasserman is editor of and author of Solartopia: Our Green Powered Earth.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Week on KXCI:

(L-R) Paul Simon, Septeto Nacional, R.E.M., Yardsale Heart

Paul Simon jumps back into the fray with a bit of a bluegrass touch. Septeto Nacional, originators of the Son style of music and possibly one of the oldest-tenured groups around. They toured North America last year for the first time since 1933. R.E.M. picks up where 2008's Accelerate left off, and we listen to Tucson's Yardsale Heart, a guest last month on Locals Only.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Papercuts in Studio 2A and at Solar Culture - Monday 3/14

KXCI Presents! New Artist show with Papercuts tonight at Solar Culture and live in Studio 2A at 3:30pm on The Home Stretch.

Papercuts create indie dream pop filtered through classic shoegaze. They stop in Tucson Monday on the way to their SXSW showcase in Austin for Sub Pop Records.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Week on KXCI:

(L-R) Lucinda Williams, Bruce Coburn, Women's World Global Compilation, Calexico

This week on KXCI, we hear from Lucinda Williams who's put together another beautiful album filled with an expansive range of songs and emotion. Canadian Bruce Cockburn releases his 31st album with songs reflecting on his recent extensive travel throughout the U.S. and the Canadian Forces base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Women's World is a diverse collection of global women's voices. Locally, we hear from Calexico, who've put together a colorful soundtrack to the documentary Circo, about a Mexican family's history and their traveling circus. Calexico headlines the Festival en el Barrio Viejo. Read more here.