Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Featured This Week On KXCI:

(L-R) Low, Sarah Jaffe, Los Chicarrons, Race You There

Low releases their second album since the big break, and it's full of bright, big folk woven through a rich tapestry of influences. Denton, Texas' Sarah Jaffe unveils her second album in less than a year. This very young, very up-and-coming songstress came through Tucson last summer and blew us away. Apparently, she's gone on to impress a heck of a lot more folks as well, playing all over non-com stations nation wide. She'll be in Tucson again, this time opening up for The Old '97's on June 7th. Los Chicharrons: What a beautiful, rich, blend of Afro Funk, Pan African and Pan Caribbean dance music. Recorded in parts Mali, Paris, Copenhagen and London, this collaborative effort by Ramon Santana and Morten Varano is one musically hip little record. Tucson's Race You There released there EP Catalyst last weekend, just played KXCI's Locals Only this past Monday and it's featured this week on The 3:30 Local Music News.

Hear: KXCI's features Monday through Friday:
Los Chicharrons - 7:20am
Low - 8:20am
Race You There - 3:30pm
Sarah Jaffe - 5:00pm

KXCI is a sponsor of the 20th Annual Arizona International Film Festival, April 1-April 20. Every weekday at 3:30pm, we're joined by visiting directors and festival organizers for a sneak peak into the offerings!


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