Friday, April 22, 2011

Learn More about KXCI Earth Day Speakers

KXCI Solar Panels Installed by TFS in 2010.

KXCI commemorates Earth Day by asking Southern Arizonans what they are doing for the environment. We heard from the following students, local nonprofits, government and businesses. Check out their websites to learn more about what they have to offer.

6:00 B.J. Cordova Tucson Clean and Beautiful 1
6:30 Joe Barrios TEP Efficiency
7:00 Colleen Crowninshield Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition
7:30 Sarah Williams Sky Island Alliance
8:00 Earth Day Kids 1
8:30 Bill Dorman Native Seed SEARCH
9:00 Joe Salkowski TEP Bright Roofs
9:30 Kieran Suckling Center for Biological Diversity
10:00 B.J. Cordova Tucson Clean and Beautiful 2
10:30 Earth Day Kids 2
11:00 Bruce Plenk City of Tucson Solar Energy Coordinator
11:30 Turtle and Ian Eat More Pie Pie Party
1:00 B.J. Cordova Yards Youth Landscape Training
1:30 Diane Hadley Northern Jaguar Project
2:00 Earth Day Kids 3
2:30 Ruth Reiman Travel Demand Management PAG
3:00 James MacAdam Watershed Management Group
3:30 Joe Salkowski TEP Bright Tucson Community Solar
4:00 Coley Ward Food Conspiracy Coop
4:30 to 6:00pm Programmer's choice

You can listen to a podcast of all of the segments here.


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