Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scheduled Broadcast Outage - Friday 10am

UPDATE: KXCI has just learned that we will NOT be going off the air Friday morning; the work has been rescheduled for next week. Thanks and stay tuned!

KXCI has been informed that service work on our transmitter site on Mount Bigelow has been scheduled for Friday morning, February 23rd, with an anticipated start time of 10am.
The work - to fix a broken dehydrator line that protects our equipment on the mountain - will require KXCI to either be completely off the air, or operate under only 10% power, so that crews can work near the equipment without radiation exposure concerns.
During the work, expected to last around four hours, KXCI will either be completely off the air or only attainable with stronger antennas. Free live webstreaming at will not be impacted, and we would encourage you to use the web to listen to the station you love! Likewise, you will be able to continue to use KXCI through your iPhones and services like the Tune In Radio app on other smartphones.
Friday morning is also the start of our spring membership drive, and this unexpected wrinkle does present a complication. But we've overcome a lot more than this over the years! Phone volunteers will be available at 520-623-1000 or web pledging is likewise always available: click here to donate online.


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