Thursday, May 10, 2012

Studio 2A performances with ELAN and Beth Bombara & The Ebanjolists

Thursday on The Home Stretch at 5:30pm we have a live acoustic performance in Studio 2A from ELAN. Fronted by Elan DeFan, a strong vocalist that sounds in between Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, ELAN is already critically acclaimed and commercially successful in Latin America. They bring their classic rock sound to Tucson as they start to make waves in the U.S. ELAN will be playing Thursday, May 10th at The Hut with The Supervillians. 

Friday, Beth Bombara and The Ebanjolists bring their modern day folk and alt-country to KXCI for a live performance at 5:30pm on The Home Stretch. On tour from St. Louis,  Beth Bombara and The Ebanjolists will be bringing their banjo, electric guitar, fiddle and lap steel guitar into KXCI's Studio 2A. Beth and company play Plush Friday May, 11th opening for Tucson's own The Silver Thread Trio.



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