Monday, March 11, 2013

KXCI Presents! this week March 12-16th: Joshua James, Bruce Cockburn, Matt Costa and Josh Ritter

A flurry of great KXCI Presents! concerts come to Tucson this week with Josh Ritter Saturday at The Rialto Theatre, Matt Costa Thursday at Club Congress, Bruce Cockburn Wednesday at The Rialto and Joshua James Tuesday at Plush, details and descriptions below. We have a limited number of pairs of guest lists available with membership support of $180 or $15/month, call now 520-623-1000 or online at
Joshua James, Tuesday at 7pm at Plush
An amazing young singer-songwriter whose new album recently topped our charts. Think Elliott Smith and Morrissey combined with Leonard Cohen.
Bruce Cockburn, Wednesday at 8pm at Rialto
His career has spanned more than three decades and two dozen plus albums; a rare chance to see a legend in the alt-folk world.
Matt Costa, Thursday at 7pm at Club Congress
Matt brings California sunshine to his indie-folk-pop sound often laced with a 70s "AM" radio vibe to create a really, really fun live show.
Josh Ritter, Saturday at 8pm at Rialto
Josh brings a bit more country in to the singer-songwriter areana. His new album is darker (dealing with his divorce) but still engaging and entertaining, a real testament to his lyrical skills.



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